Home Repair

Yesterday morning, I wrote about the importance of consistency for identity and how establishing small habits will lead to a large result over time.
I had planned to start the weekend with a trip to the local gym, some meal preparation, and cleanup around the home.

Unfortunately, later that day I discovered a bubble forming in the ceiling.
I grabbed a bucket to place underneath before I stabbed it with a utility knife.
No water came out, but underneath the ceiling paint the underlying sheetrock was damp and crumbling to the touch.
I poked around some more and discovered that the sheetrock was screwed into an existing plaster ceiling that had been builder papered over.
Everything was damp and there was a large amount of mold.

I thought about this in context of what happened earlier this year, when the basement of our home got flooded with water due to heavy rainfall.
I thought about the contractors removing the wood floor paneling in the basement to discover mold and old asbestos flooring.
We still have not finished with the basement repair as the remaining abatement has not yet been completed.

Overall, we made a decision to purchase an older home. The house will become a centennial home soon.
We purchased for the location, knowing that there would be some issues that would require our attention.
I have also signed up for all the available home improvement and renovation courses at NAIT.
There will be weekend long courses on framing, plumbing, and electrical.
These courses will be spread out over the course of 3 months, with the framing course occurring later this September.

I spent the day balancing my remaining work priorities, dread over the ceiling repair, dread over the plumbing diagnostics.
I replaced the seal on the toilet above the leak, noting that there was a considerable amount of rust, only to discover that the source of the leak came from the shower.
I learned how to use the oscillating tool to cut through plaster lath.
The only thing I ate was a pre-packaged tuna pasta snack. I often forget to eat when I’m overwhelmed and hyper-fixated.

Remember to eat.
Know that you are not alone.
Home repair is something that needs to occur simultaneously with personal/self-maintenance.