I really struggle with consistency. That is, it is difficult for me to maintain a steady quality over time. Too often, I will get caught up with fear of failure or perfectionism.

What is the source of this struggle? Do I lack discipline or self control? I understand that at least some discipline is needed to stick to a routine, even when things become challenging or inconvenient. Do I lack motivation? Am I constantly distracted or interrupted with unexpected events?

Although there is truth to many of the questions above, I refuse to allow that to be my persistent excuse.

Reminding myself that I have read James Clear’s book, Atomic Habits, I recall that small actions can lead to profound changes over time. Success is not the result of massive one-time actions, but of consistent daily habits.

To start a new habit, I need to make it obvious.
My habit should be integrated into my life in a way that is hard to ignore.
I can design my environment to draw attention to the habit, or attach the habit to an existing one (a process known as habit stacking).

I also need to make this new habit attractive.
The habit should not require a monumental effort.
Begin with an easy version of the habit and gradually improve over time.
If a new habit takes less than two minutes, it is easy to begin.

The habit should be satisfying. The habit should provide some sort of positive feedback, whether it be a good feeling or some real-world benefit.
Habits that are satisfying are more likely to be repeated.

The things that we do become our identity.
The best way to facilitate a better identity is to change the system that we operate in.
Focus on the process that leads to the accomplishment of the goals, rather than the goal itself (aside: this was not the approach I took with the marathon I finished this summer).

You are your identity, which comes from the latin word “identitas”.
This is a noun form of the pronoun “idem”, which means “the same”.
Try to minimize the amount of inconsistency or internal conflict within yourself by cultivating positive internal space.