A brief overview of some of the things that I've done, as well as my online presence.
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My name is Alexander Wong. I was born into the millennial demographic cohort. My first computer was the Tandy 1000, where I spent many summers playing old Sierra text adventure games like Kings Quest and Manhunter.

I am currently a graduate student at the University of Alberta, Department of Computing Science, living in Alberta, Canada. I began pursuing my Master’s degree in September 2018 due to a stubborn curiosity regarding the mechanisms of deep neural networks and their impressive results in image classification and segmentation tasks.

My curriculum vitae (CV) can be found here (latex source code).


Prior to being a full-time graduate research assistant, I’ve developed software for multiple companies including Pason Systems, Telus Communications, GoAuto, and EPCOR. Additionally, I served as a teaching assistant for CMPUT 404 - Web Applications and Architecture and as a course developer for CMPUT 497 - Introduction to Combinatorial Game Theory. Before my training, I worked in the service industry as a waiter/bartender/banquet server; summered as a Green Shack Coordinator; data-entry clerked for various offices; and served as customer facing IT support for CARNA.