Year 2020 Resolution Log

The high level goals and expectations for the year 2020.
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A New Year's resolution is a common western tradition where, at the start of the new calendar year, a commitment to lasting change is established. These resolutions typically include changing an undesired behaviour (quitting smoking), accomplishing a personal goal (going to the gym consistently), or otherwise improving their life (become less offended by others).

By documenting my resolutions, I intend to have an accountable record to refer to when I review the events of the year 2020. The resolutions that are proposed minimize dependence on external factors, and therefore remain primarily within my realm of control.

Master's Degree

By the end of 2020, I aim to have a significant portion of my master's degree thesis completed. I will adhere to the thesis preparation, requirements, and deadlines set by the University of Alberta Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.

If possible, my final oral examination (thesis defense) will have been scheduled/completed.

At Least One App

By the end of the year, at least one high quality mobile application will be available to download from the popular mobile application distribution platforms (Google Play Store, Apple App Store).

Commitment to Health and Wellness

Throughout the year, I aim to commit to the following lifestyle changes:

  1. Continue on the Fast-5 daily intermittent fasting schedule. Currently, I have successfully fasted since December 22nd, 2019 with an eating window between 2pm and 7pm.

  2. Maintain morning fitness routine with Bonnie. I aim to complete at least one ten minute FitnessBlender exercise per day, at least five days a week. Two days of arbitrary flex time per week are provided.

  3. Sustain current bouldering (rock climbing) activity at the University. The Wilson Climbing Centre is free for students and walking distance from my lab. While completing my MSc. thesis, I will attend the climbing wall two times per week, if available.


Resolution Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Good Excellent
Master's Degree Thesis largely incomplete. Significant effort required (>3 months) for written dissertation. Thesis requires major revision. Between 1-3 months of effort is necessary for dissertation pass and oral examination. Thesis requires minor revision. Less than one month of effort is necessary for degree completion. Thesis complete. Defense scheduled or completed. Convocation scheduled.
Mobile App No mobile application is published on any distribution platform. One application is published onto the major distribution platforms. No other criteria satisfied. One or more applications have been published. Applications have generally positive user feedback, and reviews. More than one application has been published. Applications have positive user feedback, reviews, and monetary income.
Health & Wellness Over 90 inexcusable skips or absences to the Fast-5, FitnessBlender, and Climbing Centre activities. Between 60 and 90 inexcusable combined skips or absences. Between 30 and 60 inexcusable combined skips or absences . Less than 30 inexcusable skips or absences.

Health and Wellness Penalty Calculation

Scores are calculated every Sunday. Skipping one full week of fasting, fitness blender, and climbing would incur a penalty of:

$$ 7_\text{Fast} + 5_\text{Fitness} + 2_\text{Climb} = 14_\text{Penalty Points}$$

Although inexcusable absences itself is subjective, the intention is to distinguish days where I did not perform a health and wellness activity due to laziness.

Resolution Log

I will update this post every week until the end of 2020.


Week 1: Wed, Jan 1 - Sun, Jan 5

Fast-5 accomplished each day, climbed on Thursday, Jan 2nd. Skipped one day of Fitness Blender on Sunday Jan 5. Most difficult part of this journey is the fast, especially when in social situations where other people are eating.

Week 2: Mon, Jan 6 - Sun, Jan 12

Skipped two days of Fitness Blender. Fast-5 failed on Sunday due to dinner with girlfriend's family I ate outside of the eating window, roughly ~830pm dinner finished. Climbed on Monday and on Friday. Weighed self, roughly 69kg (152lb).