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My name is Alexander Wong.
I was born into the millennial demographic cohort.
My first computer was the Tandy 1000, where I spent many summers playing old Sierra text adventure games like Kings Quest and Manhunter.

I am currently a graduate student at the University of Alberta, Department of Computing Science, living in Alberta, Canada.
I began pursuing my Master’s degree in September 2018 due to a stubborn curiosity regarding the mechanisms of deep neural networks and their impressive results in image classification and segmentation tasks.
My research is currently in the classification and analysis of 12-lead electrocardiogram signals.

Resume & Curriculum Vitae

My career oriented public resume can be found here.

A more academic curriculum vitae (CV) can be found here (latex source code).


Open Source Projects

An incomplete and arbitrarily ranked list of my open source projects and contributions, categorized by primary programming language…



A minimal dependency library for layer-by-layer profiling of PyTorch models.
All metrics are derived using the PyTorch autograd profiler.
Sole Maintainer.
PyPI | Source


A biosignal processing package for analyzing physiological data.
Contributor: Refactored warnings control and submitted various bug fixes.
PyPI | Source



A Hugo theme with light/dark mode toggling, syntax highlighting, and MathJax. Used for this current site.
Sole Maintainer.


The complete set of labs for the University of Alberta’s course CMPUT 404: Web Based Information Systems.
Primary Contributor: Wrote all of the original lab material and assessments.
Site | Source



A plugin for emulating Amazon Web Services Lambda and API Gateway locally.
Contributor: Added logging support for measuring lambda function execution time (perf_hooks).
NPM | Source


Locally sourced data and free range programmers providing high quality free picnic recommendations.
Contributor: ECE Week 2016 Hackathon team entry.


A cheat sheet for JavaScript that you will frequently encounter in modern projects containing contemporary sample code.
Contributor: Added section for Generators, Anamorphisms, and Catamorphisms.


End to end encrypted notes application with nested folders, real-time browser updates, service worker/offline capabilities.
React Client consumed a GraphQL API endpoint, managed storage to a postgresql database.
Sole Maintainer (Archived).
Client Source | Server Source


A solver web application for the mobile game Calculords.
Sole Maintainer.
Link | Source



Command line pastebin.
Sole Maintainer.
Demo | Source


Email: [email protected], GPG Key

gpg --export --armor 48797A6E15706026C51E9CF50F8D1FA50FC4B4EE > alex.asc