A brief overview of some of the things that I've done, as well as my online presence.
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My name is Alexander Wong. I was born into the millennial demographic cohort. My first computer was the Tandy 1000, where I spent many summers playing old Sierra text adventure games like Kings Quest and Manhunter.

I am currently a graduate student at the University of Alberta, Department of Computing Science, living in Alberta, Canada. I began pursuing my Master’s degree in September 2018 due to a stubborn curiosity regarding the mechanisms of deep neural networks and their impressive results in image classification and segmentation tasks.

My curriculum vitae can be found here (source).


Prior to being a full-time graduate research assistant, I’ve developed software for multiple companies including Pason Systems, Telus Communications, GoAuto, and EPCOR. Additionally, I served as a teaching assistant for CMPUT 404 - Web Applications and Architecture and as a course developer for CMPUT 497 - Introduction to Combinatorial Game Theory. Before my training, I worked in the service industry as a waiter/bartender/banquet server; summered as a Green Shack Coordinator; data-entry clerked for various offices; and served as customer facing IT support for CARNA.


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