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My name is Alexander Wong.
I was born into the millennial demographic cohort.
My first computer was the Tandy 1000, where I spent many summers playing old Sierra text adventure games like Kings Quest and Manhunter.

I obtained my master’s degree (convocation June 2021) at the University of Alberta, Department of Computing Science.
My research involved the classification and analysis of 12-lead electrocardiograms using a variety of signal processing and feature extraction methods, as well as shallow and deep machine learning techniques.

I currently reside in Alberta, Canada.
I am employed by a large financial software company that focuses on personal finance, small-business/self-employed book keeping, and tax return software.

Resume & Curriculum Vitae

My career oriented public resume can be found here.

A more academic curriculum vitae (CV) can be found here.


Open Source Projects

An incomplete and arbitrarily ranked list of my open source projects and contributions, categorized by primary programming language…



A minimal dependency library for layer-by-layer profiling of PyTorch models.
All metrics are derived using the PyTorch autograd profiler.
Sole Maintainer.
PyPI | Source


A biosignal processing package for analyzing physiological data.
Contributor: Refactored warnings control and submitted various bug fixes.
PyPI | Source



A Hugo theme with light/dark mode toggling, syntax highlighting, and MathJax. Used for this current site.
Sole Maintainer.


The complete set of labs for the University of Alberta’s course CMPUT 404: Web Based Information Systems.
Primary Contributor: Wrote all of the original lab material and assessments.
Site | Source



A plugin for emulating Amazon Web Services Lambda and API Gateway locally.
Contributor: Added logging support for measuring lambda function execution time (perf_hooks).
NPM | Source


Locally sourced data and free range programmers providing high quality free picnic recommendations.
Contributor: ECE Week 2016 Hackathon team entry.


A cheat sheet for JavaScript that you will frequently encounter in modern projects containing contemporary sample code.
Contributor: Added section for Generators, Anamorphisms, and Catamorphisms.


End to end encrypted notes application with nested folders, real-time browser updates, service worker/offline capabilities.
React Client consumed a GraphQL API endpoint, managed storage to a postgresql database.
Sole Maintainer (Archived).
Client Source | Server Source


A solver web application for the mobile game Calculords.
Sole Maintainer.
Link | Source



Command line pastebin.
Sole Maintainer.
Demo | Source


Email: [email protected], GPG Key

gpg --export --armor 48797A6E15706026C51E9CF50F8D1FA50FC4B4EE > alex.asc